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Company 9 and Rescue 1 toned for a vehicle into a structure at 25 Crossing Ln. with 1 possible injury. E92 respond with 2. (M18 already on another call) ECC advised to add 2nd due EMS.

E92 arrive on scene to find a Chevrolet Blazer that had collided into the building on the alpha side, the occupant was out of the vehicle. FF Spencer assumed command and proceeded to investigate. No fluids were leaking from the vehicle and no air bags had deployed. The owner of the suite/office had evacuated all persons from the affected area of the building. FM9, who had arrived on location, advised ECC to contact the county building inspector. FF McGuire entered the structure and secured utilities along the wall on the alpha side of the building. All electrical outlets on the affected wall were disconnected at the breaker box. FF McGuire then proceeded to division two of the structure to ensure all occupants were out of the building. The vehicle was isolated with caution tape

The vehicle had impacted the structure near a window. The structure sustained significant damage to the exterior as well as the interior. The vehicle had penetrated the building approximately two feet and affected an approximate eight by twelve foot section of the building that was both masonry and ordinary construction.

The county building official as well as a local contractor, who was contacted by the owner of the building or his representative, evaluated the structure and advised that a temporary wall be built to support the floor joist on division two, prior to the car being removed. Engine 92 was requested to remain on scene until the building was supported and the vehicle was removed.

Engine 92 cleared the scene and returned to service..

Interior Brick Wall Side of Structure Interior